Announcing Rob Sullivan’s new book.

Signposts on an Inner Expedition:

Trusting Your Internal GPS.

I am thrilled to announce that Megan Close Zavala of Keller Media will be the literary agent for my new book. In addition to her incredible depth and breadth of knowledge about the publishing world, Megan is a creative and gifted editor (see Turn the Page Book Coaching & Editorial) whose insight and ideas have already transformed the project and proposal into a far more marketable product. Having seen the passion and wisdom Megan brings to the process, I am confident she is the perfect agent for this book. Better still, she has already proven to be a wonderful advisor and friend.

The book is tentatively called Signposts on an Inner Expedition: Trusting Your Internal GPS. What started out as a collection of experiences that changed the way I view spirituality, the world, and my place in it has evolved into a guidebook about the important signs and mile-markers one can experience on their inner journey, many of which only make sense in hindsight. It serves as a compass, as well as a reminder to open our eyes and minds to the experiences our intuition flags as important, even when we cannot make sense of them in the moment.

Signposts on an Inner Expedition explores the role of alternative medicine and Western medicine in my life. In addition to recounting my experience with narcolepsy and lymphoma, it also dives into how I, and others, achieved healing through alternative medicine. It delves into the spiritual and psychic realm, exploring a variety of topics including the devastating power of negative mental and emotional energy, synchronicities, the challenges that that show up as repeating patterns, signs that show up in dreams, using the insight of intuitives to understand our journeys, lessons from past lives, and wake-up calls we receive from the angels among us in this life.

About the Author

Rob Sullivan inspires people to be open to the miracles that happen around us. To date, he has worked with a long list of well-known companies and universities including Merrill Lynch, McDonald's, Genzyme, Northwestern University and the University of Virginia. Through his own open style, Rob has established himself as a trusted resource for friends and strangers alike.

“Rob dives deep. To get the best of what he has to offer, you must be willing to do the same. But the reward is life-affecting.”

Melissa Kulberg

“Rob Sullivan is a terrific coach who has my highest recommendation. ”

Andrew Hilsberg